Music PlayLists
      1. Curls.

      2. Old Graffiti

      3. Mirroring All Album Silver Wilkinson

      4. Above The Rooftops Album Hand Cranked

      5. Aberriw Album Hand Cranked

      6. Lovers Carvings (letherette Remix) Album The Apple And The Tooth

      7. Snowbow Album Hand Cranked

      8. Abrasion Album Ambivalence Avenue

      9. Make Up Album The Serious (EP)

      10. With The Thought Of Us Album A Mineral Love

      11. Thatched Album Vignetting The Compost

      12. Maroon Lagoon Album Hand Cranked

      13. The Garden Shelter Album Vignetting The Compost

      14. Puddled In The Morning Album Fi

      15. Carosello Ellitico Album Ovals And Emeralds

      16. K is For Kelson (Alt Version)

      17. Haikuesque (the Gentleman Losers Whispers In The Rain Mix) Album The Apple And The Tooth

      18. Stress Me Out Album The Serious (EP)

      19. Light Up The Sky Album A Mineral Love

      20. The Apple And The Tooth Album The Apple And The Tooth

      21. Why So Serious Album The Serious (EP)

      22. Jealous Of Roses Album Ambivalence Avenue

      23. Light Seep Album Mind Bokeh

      24. The Ephemeral Bluebell Album Vignetting The Compost

      25. The First Daffodils Album Silver Wilkinson

      26. All The Flowers Album Ambivalence Avenue

      27. Don’t Summarise My Summer Eyes

      28. Business Park Album Silver Wilkinson

      29. Fire Ant (keaver & Brause Remix) Album The Apple And The Tooth

      30. Wulf Album Silver Wilkinson

      31. Puffer Album Fi

      32. Everglad Everglade Album Vignetting The Compost

      33. Lakeside Album Fi

      34. Dopplerton Album Vignetting The Compost

      35. Before

      36. Dwrcan Album Ambivalence Avenue

      37. Under The Pier Album Vignetting The Compost

      38. C'est La Vie Album A Mineral Love

      39. The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point Album The Green (EP)

      40. Dye the Water Green Album Silver Wilkinson

      41. The Death Of A Trapeze Artist Album Ovals And Emeralds

      42. Take Off Your Shirt Album Mind Bokeh

      43. Why So Serious Album A Mineral Love

      44. Carbon Wulf Album The Green (EP)

      45. At The Chase Album Fi

      46. Over The Far And Hills Away Album Vignetting The Compost

      47. Great Are The Piths Album Vignetting The Compost

      48. Cherry Go Round Album Hand Cranked

      49. All The Flowers (lone Remix) Album The Apple And The Tooth

      50. London Planes Album Fi

      51. Saint Thomas Album A Mineral Love

      52. More Excuses Album Mind Bokeh

      53. Saint Christopher Album Mind Bokeh

      54. Town & Country Album A Mineral Love

      55. Zoopraxiphone Album Hand Cranked

      56. Wake Up! Album Mind Bokeh

      57. Feminine Eye Album Mind Bokeh

      58. Overgrown Album Hand Cranked

      59. Rotten Rudd Album The Apple And The Tooth

      60. The Palm Of Your Wave Album Ambivalence Avenue

      61. Mr. & Mrs. Compost Album Vignetting The Compost

      62. Artists' Valley Album Mind Bokeh

      63. Pretentious Album Mind Bokeh

      64. Looking Through The Facets Of A Plastic Jewel Album Fi

      65. Dwrcan (eskmo Remix) Album The Apple And The Tooth

      66. Top Soil Album Vignetting The Compost

      67. Feeling Album A Mineral Love

      68. Poplar Avenue (Uncut Version) Album Fi

      69. Six String Marenghi Album Ovals And Emeralds

      70. Polycoulrophon Album Ovals And Emeralds



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