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      Open Wide (Feat. Big Sean)

      Open Wide (Feat. Big Sean)

      Calvin Harris

      Album: Motion

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      Calvin Harris - Open Wide (Feat. Big Sean) Música y Letra

      "Open Wide"
      (feat. Big Sean)
      [Verse 1 - Big Sean:]
      Lookin' at your last text
      Damn did you even really mean it?
      Did you even look through it, did you even read it?
      I been breakin up with girls since I was 15
      It's the only thing that hasn't got easier
      A rubber is the only thing that ever came between us
      God damn, now look at everything in between us
      I mean I'm sayin'
      I got more liquor, more ladies, more drugs and no cases
      With jobs and no babies
      I hope no phone's taping if so you gon hate me
      [Hook - Big Sean:]
      When you see me standing on the couches
      Turnin' clubs into houses
      Water to champagne fountains
      Turn flat chests into mountains
      And ooh I love that ass
      But I hate that fucking outfit
      I'm taking off her blouses
      While she taking off my trousers
      That's just a couple more problems
      To add to the couples' counselin'
      Open that shit wide
      Let me see how big your mouth is
      [Verse 2 - Big Sean:]
      Goin' hard 'til I OD
      I'm the newest version of the old me
      All my exes all owe me
      Wishin' they could X and O me
      I'm on the edge and I'm hangin' all off
      On the ledge and we danglin' off
      And if I let go, I won't fall off
      If we set a wedding date, don't call off
      Bartender, I call the shots
      We call for shots, y'all call the cops
      Sometimes drinks speak louder than words do
      Body language speaks louder than verbal
      This goes out to, uh, you know who this goes out to, yeah!

      Calvin Harris - Open Wide (Feat. Big Sean) Música y Letra






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