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      Outsider Intro

      Outsider Intro

      DJ Shadow

      Album: The Outsider

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      DJ Shadow - Outsider Intro Música y Letra

      In the twilight of a time
      There emerges a need for man to comprehend his own bitter fate
      Finally resigned to the inevitable beyond, he searches the ages
      Desperate for stories of assurance, redemption and hope
      Such tales fill page upon page with enough ink
      To flood a thousand valleys, and drown the tallest tree
      But there is one tale that as yet been told
      The story of... The Outsider
      Desolate and baron, humanities at a crossroads
      The people have retreated shuttering their once carefree lives
      From unseen enemies which seem to plague not only
      The physical form but the innermost thought
      Driven by panic, compelled by dread
      The masses begin to devolve
      Once dear neighbours turn wary foes
      Brother against brother, sister against sister
      Achievement and ambition are dismissed
      As heretical, or worse, treasonous
      Even nature itself is scorned
      Choked with suspicion and fear, voices do not dare to sing
      Nor fingers to play, imminent defeat is all but assured
      But in the darkest hour
      Whispers begin to tell of a figure emerging from the darkness
      A being without a name, faceless and obscure
      Part presence, part idea they say
      As if the very force they describe has existed for eons
      A dormant seed awaiting nourishment word of radical acts...
      Disobedience, non-compliance spread among the people
      At first fearful, then defiant, as the legend grows
      Whispers turned to cries and the cries into screams
      And tend to cower no more the fury of the people
      Whose talent behold as they exact revenge on their captors
      Spare neither the repentant nor the bold
      Now the fire is lit, smouldering in the belly of humanity
      It cannot be extinguished, for the stories The Outsider endure
      Even as evidence of its presence is debated with the passing years
      Messages, dictations, warnings, stories, such as these...

      DJ Shadow - Outsider Intro Música y Letra





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