Music PlayLists
      1. Summertime Sadness Music by Lana del Rey

      2. Stamp on the ground Music by Italobrothers

      3. Radio hardcore Music by Italobrothers

      4. Royals Music by Lorde

      5. Love is on fire Music by Italobrothers

      6. Team Music by Lorde

      7. Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz Music by Macklemore

      8. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota Music by Basshunter

      9. Buzzcut Season Music by Lorde

      10. Where Are You Now Music by Italobrothers

      11. Contradiction (Feat. Evan Roman) Music by Macklemore

      12. Born To Die Music by Lana del Rey

      13. National Anthem Music by Lana del Rey

      14. Boten Anna (Instrumental) Music by Basshunter

      15. It's Christmas Time (Ft Dan Caplen) Music by Macklemore

      16. Rise My Love Music by Basshunter

      17. Transformation Bass Music by Basshunter

      18. Naturally Music by Selena Gomez

      19. Selfish Love (Ft Dj Snake) Music by Selena Gomez

      20. Whiplash Music by Selena Gomez

      21. Dámelo To’ (Ft Myke Towers) Music by Selena Gomez

      22. Helena Beat Music by Foster The People

      23. Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero Music by Foster The People

      24. Broken Jaw Music by Foster The People

      25. Pumped Up Kicks Music by Foster The People

      26. Shadow (Ft IRO) Music by Macklemore

      27. Lemonade Music by Alexandra Stan

      28. Thanks for Leaving Music by Alexandra Stan

      29. One Million (Ft. Calprit) Music by Alexandra Stan

      30. Celebrate Music by Alexandra Stan

      31. Yummy Music by Justin Bieber

      32. Beauty and a Beat Music by Justin Bieber

      33. Intentions (Ft Quavo) Music by Justin Bieber

      34. Get Me (Ft Kehlani) Music by Justin Bieber

      35. Go Crazy Music by Chris Brown

      36. Ayo Music by Chris Brown

      37. Don't Judge Me Music by Chris Brown

      38. Say Goodbye Music by Chris Brown

      39. Rude Boy Music by Rihanna

      40. Man Down Music by Rihanna

      41. American Oxygen Music by Rihanna

      42. Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney - Four Five Seconds Music by Rihanna

      43. Green Light Music by Lorde

      44. Love Music by Lana del Rey



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