Music PlayLists
      1. Wasteland Music by Tiësto

      2. Adagio For Strings Music by Tiësto

      3. Just Be Music by Tiësto

      4. Glorious Music by Cascada

      5. Come Tomorrow (Cicada Mix) Music by Chicane

      6. Secondary Complications (Original Mix) Music by Deadmau5

      7. Dangerous (Immerze Mix) Music by Cascada

      8. Fever (Zac Mccrack Bootleg Remix) Music by Cascada

      9. Wanted To Music by Infected Mushroom

      10. Killing time Music by Infected Mushroom

      11. Moar Ghosts N Stuff Music by Deadmau5

      12. Dangerous (Darren Styles Radio Music by Cascada

      13. Pistolero Music by Juno Reactor

      14. Into The Light (feat. Mark Frisch) Music by Gareth Emery

      15. Feels so good Music by Armin Van Buuren

      16. Where do I start Music by Chicane

      17. Man On The Run (Nic Chagall Remix) Music by Dash Berlin

      18. Equinox Original Mix) Music by Dash Berlin

      19. Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4 AM Dub Mix) Music by Dash Berlin

      20. Far Away From You Music by Chicane

      21. El Segundo Music by Gareth Emery

      22. Arrival (feat. Brute Force) Music by Gareth Emery

      23. Feel The Universe (Kox Box Remix) Music by Juno Reactor

      24. Fallen in Too Deep (Original Mix) Music by Dash Berlin

      25. Funchameleon Music by Infected Mushroom

      26. Illuminaughty Music by Infected Mushroom

      27. Stoned In Love (feat. Tom Jones) (Original Mix) Music by Chicane

      28. On My Way Music by Tiësto

      29. God Is God (God Is Ambient Mix Music by Juno Reactor

      30. Komit (Live) Music by Juno Reactor

      31. Endless Silence Music by ATB

      32. Terra 260273 Music by ATB

      33. Here With Me Music by ATB

      34. Circular Symetry Music by ATB

      35. Reckless Music by Gareth Emery

      36. Strobe (Club Edit) Music by Deadmau5

      37. A City In Florida Music by Deadmau5

      38. Pull Over (with Speedy J) Music by Armin Van Buuren

      39. Crush (Las Salinas Remix) Music by Paul Van Dyk

      40. Superfly (Andy Moor Remix) Music by Paul Van Dyk

      41. Anywhere With You (Dub Mix) Music by Paul Van Dyk

      42. The Sun After Heartbreak (Woody van Eyden Remix) Music by Paul Van Dyk

      43. Blah Blah Blah Music by Armin Van Buuren

      44. Ping Pong Music by Armin Van Buuren



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