Music PlayLists
      1. I'll Wait (Ft Sasha Sloan) Album Golden Hour

      2. Like It Is Album Golden Hour

      3. Born To Be Yours

      4. Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)

      5. What's Love Got to Do with It (Ft Tina Turner)

      6. It Ain't Me (feat. Selena Gomez)

      7. Freedom Album Golden Hour

      8. Gone Are The Days (Ft James Gillespie)

      9. Stay (Feat Maty Noyes) (Single) Album Stay (Feat Maty Noyes) (Single)

      10. Lose Somebody (Ft OneRepublic) Album Golden Hour

      11. First Time ft. Ellie Goulding

      12. Firestone (Feat. Conrad) Album Firestone

      13. Higher Love Album Golden Hour

      14. I'll Wait

      15. Hot Stuff (Ft Donna Summer)

      16. Stole The Show (Feat. Parson James) Album Stole The Show (Feat. Parson James)

      17. Not Alone Album Cloud Nine

      18. I See You Album Kids in Love

      19. Permanent Album Kids in Love

      20. Stay Album Cloud Nine

      21. ID Album ID

      22. Younger (Feat. Seinabo Sey) Album Younger

      23. Sunrise Album Kids in Love

      24. Broken Glass

      25. Firestone Album Cloud Nine

      26. With You Album Kids in Love

      27. Negrita

      28. Like It Is (Ft Zara Larsson; Tyga) Album Golden Hour

      29. Broken Glass (Ft Kim Petras) Album Golden Hour

      30. Riding Shotgun Album Kids in Love

      31. To Die For (Ft St. Lundi) Album Golden Hour

      32. Fragile Album Fragile

      33. Only Us (Ft Haux) Album Golden Hour

      34. Don't Give Up on Love (Ft Sam Tinnesz) Album Golden Hour

      35. Stranger Things Album Kids in Love

      36. What's Love Got to Do with It

      37. Freedom (Ft Zak Abel) Album Golden Hour

      38. For Many Years Album For Many Years

      39. Hurting (Ft Rhys Lewis) Album Golden Hour

      40. Raging Album Cloud Nine

      41. Serious Album Cloud Nine

      42. Follow (Ft Joe Janiak) Album Golden Hour

      43. Here for You (Feat. Ella Henderson) (Single) Album Here for You (Feat. Ella Henderson) (Single)

      44. How Would I Know (Ft Oh Wonder) Album Golden Hour

      45. Could You Love Me (Ft Dreamlab) Album Golden Hour

      46. Carry Me Album Cloud Nine

      47. Higher Love (Ft Whitney Houston) Album Golden Hour

      48. Epsilon (Original Mix) Album Epsilon

      49. Fragile Album Cloud Nine

      50. Feels Like Forever (Ft Jamie N Commons) Album Golden Hour

      51. Oasis Album Cloud Nine

      52. I'm in Love Album Cloud Nine

      53. Fiction Album Cloud Nine

      54. Nothing Left Album Cloud Nine

      55. Happy Birthday Album Cloud Nine

      56. Beautiful (Ft Sandro Cavazza) Album Golden Hour

      57. Laber Bris Album Laber Bris

      58. Someday (Ft Zac Brown) Album Golden Hour

      59. Stole the Show Album Cloud Nine

      60. Intro Album Cloud Nine

      61. Cut Your Teeth (Feat. Kyla La Grange) Album Cut Your Teeth

      62. Sexual Healing Album Sexual Healing

      63. The Truth (Ft Valerie Broussard) Album Golden Hour

      64. Raging Album Raging

      65. For What It's Worth Album Cloud Nine

      66. Kids in Love Album Kids in Love

      67. Never Let You Go Album Kids in Love

      68. Say You Will (Ft Patrick Droney; Petey) Album Golden Hour



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