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      1. Future (Ft Quavo)

      2. Living For Love Album Rebel Heart

      3. Like a Virgin Album The Confessions Tour

      4. Medellín (Ft Maluma)

      5. La isla Bonita Album The Immaculate Collection

      6. Bitch I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj) Album Rebel Heart

      7. Turn Up the Radio Album M.D.N.A.

      8. Like A Prayer Album Like A Prayer

      9. Beautiful Stranger Album Beautiful Stranger

      10. Runaway Lover Album Music

      11. Ray of Light (Victor Calderone Mix) Album Get Up On The Dance Floor Album Remixes

      12. Girl Gone Wild Album MDNA (Deluxe Edition) (2012)

      13. Don't Tell Me Album Celebration

      14. Illuminati Album Rebel Heart

      15. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix) Album Get Up On The Dance Floor Album Remixes

      16. Incredible Album Hard Candy

      17. Vogue (Shep Pettibone Mix) Album Get Up On The Dance Floor Album Remixes

      18. You'll See Album Something To Remember

      19. I'm Going Bananas Album I'm Breathless

      20. I'm Going Bananas (Remastered) (Live) Album Live - The Girlie SHow At Fukuoka

      21. La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix) Album True Blue

      22. I'll Remember Album Something To Remember

      23. Material Girl Album Like A Virgin

      24. Candy Shop Album Hard Candy

      25. Masterpiece Album MDNA (Deluxe Edition) (2012)

      26. La Isla Bonita Album Madonna Para Bebes

      27. Holiday (Aid Show, 1985) Album Hot Broadcast

      28. Forbidden Love Album Bedtime Stories

      29. Live To Tell Album Celebration

      30. Nobody Knows Me (Live) Album I'm Going to Tell You a Secret.png

      31. Candy Shop Medley (Live) Album Sticky & Sweet Tour

      32. Borderline Album The First Album

      33. Where's the Party Album You Can Dance

      34. I'm a Sinner Album M.D.N.A.

      35. Beautiful Stranger Album Celebration

      36. Keep It Together (Remastered) (Live) Album The Best - Live At The Reunion Arena

      37. Some Girls Album M.D.N.A.

      38. This used to be my Playground Album Something To Remember

      39. True Blue Album True Blue

      40. Secret Garden Album Erotica

      41. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Live) Album Sticky & Sweet Tour

      42. Miles Away Album Hard Candy

      43. What It Feels Like For A Girl (-GHV2) Album GHV2

      44. Something To Remember Album I'm Breathless

      45. Holy Water Album Rebel Heart

      46. Love Makes the World Go Round (Aid Show, 1985) Album Hot Broadcast

      47. Dear Jessie Album Madonna Para Bebes

      48. Borrowed Time Album Rebel Heart

      49. Like a Virgin (MTV Music Awards, 1984) Album Hot Broadcast

      50. Graffiti Heart Album Rebel Heart

      51. Nobody's Perfect Album Music

      52. Causing a Commotion (Live) Album Reunion Arena, Dallas

      53. Everybody Album The First Album

      54. Dear Jessie Album Like A Prayer

      55. Like A Prayer (Live) Album I'm Going to Tell You a Secret.png

      56. Autotune Baby Album Rebel Heart

      57. Cherish Album Like A Prayer

      58. Hold Tight Album Rebel Heart

      59. American Life (Live) Album I'm Going to Tell You a Secret.png

      60. Over And Over Album Like A Virgin

      61. Holiday (Reprise) [Remastered] (Live) Album Live - The Girlie SHow At Fukuoka

      62. Crazy for You Album Something To Remember

      63. X-Static Process Album American Life

      64. It's So Cool Album Celebration

      65. Hanky Panky Album I'm Breathless

      66. Borderline (Live Bonus Track) Album Sticky & Sweet Tour

      67. In This Life Album Erotica

      68. Holiday (Dub Version) Album You Can Dance

      69. S.E.X. Album Rebel Heart

      70. American Life (Headcleanr Rock Mix) Album Remixed & Revisited



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