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      The Airway

      The Airway

      Owl City

      Album: Of June

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      Owl City - The Airway Música y Letra

      When I am fast asleep
      I dream and see you floating high above me
      And I awake at dawn
      Before the rays of morning paint the front lawn
      From on the bedroom floor
      I watch you sailing far above the seashore
      In deep Atlantic skies
      You float as I look aft to watch the moon rise
      Above the avenue
      I search among the clouds, trying to see you
      But you are just a blur
      In the sky when you parachute over the harbor
      I can see
      You above with the ocean around me
      If I could only stay
      Overhead in the airway
      You sail through
      Endless sky with the evening around you
      When I'm out on the bay
      You're aloft in the airway
      When I'm alone at night
      I dream you paint the stars against the twilight
      Suspended in the air
      I wish your silhouette would always stay there
      When I am on the beach
      I watch you held aloft way out of my reach
      But I cannot take flight
      Or float upon the air the way that you might
      When I am in the sea
      You gaze down from the sky, trying to see me 
      But I am just a blur
      Through the waves as I scuba dive below the harbor
      The airway
      You and I in the airway
      Aloft in the airway
      In love on the airway

      Owl City - The Airway Música y Letra





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