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      Lovely Lady

      Lovely Lady

      Robin Thicke

      Album: Love After War

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      Robin Thicke - Lovely Lady Música y Letra

      There you go, walking by there 
      You are the apple of my eye 
      And I see you coming towards me and 
      I get this sweating butterflies and 
      You should know it 
      You've got to feel it 
      I'm in love with you for really 
      I have got to have you tonight 
      If you knew how cute you looked in your tight dress 
      And your high heels 
      Understand why I get caught up staring at you everytime 
      You pass me by I see your eyes 
      I feel your hair 
      I see you smile 
      I just wish that you could 
      See me too 
      Walking at the beach together 
      Hand in hand 
      Let me paint the picture 
      You can see it 
      Now whatever 
      You will now will get somehow 
      What do you want to drive baby 
      What do you want to eat tonight baby 
      I have got to have you tonight 
      There she goes my pretty baby 
      There she goes my lovely lady 
      I need her to know 
      I need her for life [2x]
      There she goes walking by there 
      She caught my eye 
      She's looking at me 
      I tell her I'll leave you never 
      She thinks I am oh so clever 
      Know baby I am telling the truth 
      I am the only one for you 
      I will love you until the end of time

      Robin Thicke - Lovely Lady Música y Letra





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