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      Tangerine Dream Discography

      1. Tangines On And Running Album Lost In Strings II

      2. Jack Versus Darkness Album Legend II

      3. The Keep Mid Theme Remix Album The Keep II

      4. Tobels Death By The River Album Laffaire Wallraff y Risky Busines

      5. Bus Station Album Near Dark

      6. Token From Birdland Album Hollywood Lightning

      7. Philosophical Conversation Album Electronic Orgy

      8. Sand Trap Album Dead Solid Perfect

      9. Goblins Album Legend II

      10. Annie y Father Album Deadly Care

      11. Sungate Album Lost In Strings II

      12. The Conspiracy Album Zoning

      13. Downtown Los Santos Album GTA 5

      14. Serpent Magique Album One Night In Africa

      15. The Hospital Album Deadly Care

      16. Bois De Boulogne Album Silver Siren Collection

      17. London Part Two Rotten Row Patriot Album Book Of Dreams

      18. Dylans Future Album Catch Me If You Can

      19. Kiew Mission Album Dream Sequence

      20. Beach Bay Bunker Album The Dream Roots Collection

      21. Wavelength Main Title Album Wavelength

      22. Run To Vegas Album The Space Years

      23. Art Of Destruction Album Architecture In Motion

      24. The Claymore Mine - Stalking Album The Park Is Mine

      25. Green Desert Album The Dream Roots Collection

      26. Long Island Sunset Album Atlantic Bridges

      27. Swatting SWAT Album The Park Is Mine

      28. Alchemy Of Straw Album Rumpelstiltskin

      29. Jungle Journey Album Architecture In Motion

      30. White Eagle Album Tangents

      31. Dolphin Smile Album Electronic Orgy

      32. Theme From Dead Solid Perfect Album Dead Solid Perfect

      33. Dominion Album The Virgin Years V

      34. Raping Of Eva Album The Keep II

      35. Shes My Sister Album Near Dark

      36. Wardays Sunrise Album The Keep

      37. White Clouds Album The Essential Collection

      38. One Night In Medina Album Electronic Orgy

      39. Wardays Sunrise Album Virgin Years I

      40. No More Candles Burning Album Great Wall Of China

      41. Fast Eddies Car Album Catch Me If You Can

      42. 21st Century Common Man Pt II Album The Essential Collection

      43. Sphinx Lighting Album Tangents

      44. Chamber Of Hope Album Hollywood Lightning

      45. Search Album Sorcerer 2014 I

      46. Unicorn Theme Legend Album Electronic Orgy

      47. Sad Melissa Album Catch Me If You Can

      48. Cliff Dwellers Album Oasis

      49. Rain In The Third House Album Near Dark

      50. Convention Of The 24 Album The Virgin Years IV

      51. Servant Of Misery Album Sorcerer 2014 II

      52. Maroubra Bay Album Ultima Thule

      53. Smile Album The Dream Roots Collection

      54. Turn Of The Tides Album Atlantic Bridges

      55. Green Desert Album The Analogue Space Years

      56. Opening Album Legend

      57. Melissa Asks Dylan Out Album Catch Me If You Can

      58. Good Choice Bad Timing Album Zoning

      59. Blue Room Album Legend II

      60. Huckebees Dream Album Ultima Thule

      61. Shy Shila Album The Space Years

      62. Ulan Ude Album Transsiberia

      63. Father And Son Album Near Dark

      64. In The Head Nurses Office - At The Fathers Grave Album Deadly Care

      65. Catwalk Album Dream Encores

      66. Paper Album Three OClock High

      67. Bonding By Candlelight Album Three OClock High

      68. Clean And Sober Album Deadly Care

      69. Ultima Thule I Album Electronic Orgy

      70. Huckebees Dream Album Run To Vegas



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