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      Gone Going

      Gone Going

      The Black Eyed Peas

      Album: Monkey Business

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      The Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going Música y Letra

      Johnny wanna be a big star
      Get on stage and play the guitar
      Make a little money, buy a fancy car
      Big old house and an alligator
      Just to match with them alligator shoes
      He's a rich man so he's no longer singing the blues
      He's singing songs about material things
      And platinum rings and watches that go bling
      But, diamonds don't bling in the dark
      He a star now, but he ain't singing from the heart
      Sooner or later he's just gonna fall apart
      Cause his fans can't relate to his new found art
      He ain't doing what he did from the start
      And that's putting in some feeling and thought
      He decided to live his life shallow
      Cash in his love for material
      And its gone... gone... going...
      Gone... everything gone... give a damn...
      Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing...
      Gone people... all awkward with their things... gone.
      You see yourself in the mirror
      And you feel safe cause it looks familiar
      But you afraid to open up your soul
      Cause you don't really know, don't really know
      Who he is, the person that's deep within
      Cause you are content with just being the name-brand man
      And you fail to see that its trivial
      Insignificant, you addicted to material
      I've seen your kind before
      You're the type that thinks souls is sold in a store
      Packaged up with incense sticks
      With them vegetarian meals
      To you that's righteous
      You're fiction like books
      You need to go out to life and look
      Cause... what happens when they take your material
      You already sold your soul and its...
      You say that time is money and money is time
      So you got mind in your money and your money on your mind
      But what about... that crime that you did to get paid
      And what about... that bid, you can't take it to your brain
      What about those shoes you'll wear today
      They'll do no good on the bridges you burnt along the way
      All that money that you got gonna be gone
      That gear that you rock gonna be gone
      The house up on the hill gonna be gone
      The gold purse on your grill gonna be gone
      The ice on your wrist gonna be gone
      That nice little Miss gonna be gone
      That whip that you roll gonna be gone
      And what's worst is your soul's already gone

      The Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going Música y Letra





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