Music PlayLists
      1. Like A Bitch (VIP) Album Neon Grave

      2. Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) Album Here to Stay - Single

      3. Outbreak (feat. Armanni Reign) Album The Outbreak

      4. Organ Donor Album Game Time EP

      5. Game Time Album Game Time EP

      6. Survivors Album The Outbreak

      7. Lights Out (Original Mix) Album Neon Grave

      8. Airborne Album The Outbreak

      9. Beast In The Belly Album The Outbreak

      10. Skull 'n' Bones Album The Outbreak

      11. Braindead Album Reanimated EP

      12. Delirium Ft. Rykka (Far Too Loud Remix) Album Resurrected

      13. Immunity Album The Outbreak

      14. Terror Squad Album Reanimated EP

      15. Hoedown Album The Dead Symphonic EP

      16. Dip It (Original Mix) Album Neon Grave

      17. Braindead (Twine Remix) Album Resurrected

      18. Deadweight Album The Dead Symphonic EP

      19. Game Time (Barely Alive Remix) Album Resurrected

      20. Bad Intentions Album Reanimated EP

      21. Nuclear (Dillon Francis Remix) Album Resurrected

      22. Resurrected (Original Mix) Album Resurrected

      23. Pirate Hooker Album Game Time EP

      24. Gorilla March Album The Dead Symphonic EP

      25. Delirium Ft. Rykka (The Prototypes Remix) Album Resurrected

      26. Pump It Up Album Game Time EP

      27. Airborne (MUST DIE! Remix) Album Resurrected

      28. Terror Squad (Bro Safari & Ricky Remedy Remix) Album Resurrected

      29. Nuclear Album The Outbreak

      30. Miles Away Ft. Nefera (Original Mix) Album Neon Grave

      31. Outbreak Ft. Armanni Reign (DISKORD Remix) Album Resurrected

      32. WTF Album The Outbreak

      33. Back Once Again (Original Mix) Album Resurrected

      34. City 2 City (feat. Belle Humble) Album The Dead Symphonic EP

      35. Nuclear (Hands Up) Album The Dead Symphonic EP

      36. Delirium (feat. Rykka) Album The Outbreak

      37. Resurrected (Continuous Mix) Album Resurrected

      38. Beast In The Belly (DC Breaks Remix) Album Resurrected

      39. Raptor Album Reanimated EP

      40. Get With The Program Ft. O.V (Original Mix) Album Neon Grave

      41. Patient Zero Album The Outbreak

      42. Vancouver Beatdown Album The Dead Symphonic EP



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